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    Manganese Glycinate
    Product name: Manganese Glycinate
    Molecular formula:


    CAS NO.: 14281-77-7
    Index: 98.5

    Structural formula: Mn(C2H4O2N)2 
    Molecular weight: 202.98 
    Physicochemical properties: Light pink powder 
    Uses: For feed additives. 

    Product packaging: 25kg composite kraft paper bag, carton or cardboard drum or according to customer needs.

    Item Index
    Glycine %≥ 40.9
    Manganese (Mn) %≥ ≥15.0
    Lead (Pb) %≤ ≤0.0015
    Heavy metal %≤ ≤0.002
    Arsenic (As) %≤ ≤0.0004
    Loss on drying %≤ ≤0.5
    Salmonella not detected
    E.coli not detected
    PH value (1% aqueous solution) 10.0-11.0

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