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    Copper Citrate
    Product name: Copper Citrate
    Molecular formula:


    CAS NO.: 10402-15-0
    Index: 98

    Molecular formula:C12H10Cu3O14                        Molecular weight:568.84

    Application:As a trace element nutrient for agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry or other economic crops, it can be widely used in water-soluble fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, plant nutrient regulators and chelated compound fertilizers as well as preservatives, insecticides, astringents

    Property:Blue crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.

    CAS #:  10402-15-0          HS :2922499990         Drawback:10%

    Product specifications

    Health care

    Executive standard

    YINGKE Standard


    Blue crystalline powder

    Copper                            %


    Arsenic                           %


    Lead                              %


    Iron                              %


    Loss on drying                    %


    Ph value(1% aqueous solution)


    Salmonella                        %

    Not Detected

    E.coli                            %

    Not Detected

    Shelf life                      Year

    Two Years

    Supply Reference

    Production Process

    Food grade citric acid synthesis

    Packing specification

    25KG cardboard drum

    Quote batch

    Full cabinet

    Quotation reference         yuan / ton


    Quote validity period

    One Month




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