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    Glycine Ethylester Hydrochloride
    Product name: Glycine Ethylester Hydrochloride
    Molecular formula:


    CAS NO.: 623-33-6
    Index: 99.0

    Structural formula: NH2CH2COOC2H5HCl 
    Molecular weight: 139.58  
    Physicochemical properties: White needle-like crystal, melting point 145-146℃, slowly decomposed at 200℃, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. 
    Uses: Pesticide intermediates, used in the manufacture of pyrethroid insecticides and pharmaceutical intermediates, also used in biochemical research. 
    Product packaging: 20kg or 25kg plastic woven bag, composite kraft paper bag, carton or cardboard drum.

    Item Index
    Top grade First grade
    Content %≥ 99.0 98.5
    Melting point °C 142-146 140-146
    Glycine hydrochloride %≤ 0.8 1.0
    Loss on drying %≤ 0.5 0.5

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